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Brazil, the new big beauty country!

  • Amalia Fumanal ® marketing dermocosmetico marketing creativo avanzado incosmetic activos ingredientes belleza y dermocuidado piel cabello uñas3rd biggest Cosmetic & Toiletries in de world ( 1st USA, 2nd Japan)
  • The beauty market grew up 36% in 4 years, US$ 47bn in 2013
  • Brazil represented the 56% of Latin America Beauty retail products
  • Brazil world leader in deodorants and perfumes. Other important categories are color cosmetics, skincare and men grooming products.
  • Exotic top level ingredients in Brazilian cosmetic manufacturing industry
  • Biodiversity and ethical sourcing 

BIG Players:

BERACA SA (organic and natural compounds),

CHEYUNION QUIMICA´S (dermocosmetic actives) and

REACH INSTITUTES  (testing and assessment methods)

Amalia Fumanal ® perfume parfum marketing perfumería fragance incosmeticsFragance 

Fragance and scents take more importance in the formulation process. This solves the current problems with change of color, stability and durability of perfum.

BIG Players:


Nanotechnology > nanomaterials safety, regulatory purposes, testing and assessment

Animal testing ban >implementing alternatives for skin irritation, whitening active and  new biochemical mechanisms for toxicology.

Skin-Brain-Senses> Sensory formulations

Chinese personal care beauty market > Opportunities and legal regulations for ingredients and final cosmetics formulas

Amalia Fumanal ® beauty ingredients coumpound incosmetic article barcelona beauty skincare blog

Hair Care

New trends and points of view in color, styling and physiology, and conditioning. Test in-vivo and in-vitro to describe the benefits of haircare active.

New amazing and sensible active

Red snow algae powder

Red algae are found in hight mountains, The Alps, and are a unicellular cousin of the green algae. They produce carotenoids that protect against high ultraviolet radiation. The spores contain high amounts os astaxanthin carotenoids. 

Red snow algae cosmetic compound is created in bio-reactors to achieve a phospolipid solution to open cells and to form liposomes with encapsulated water or oil soluble algae. The liposomal extract will wrap in maltodextrin to obtain a granulation spray.


Increases the activity of AMPK energy levels for cellular defense and protection systems

Stimulation of Klotho for caloric restriction mimetic anti aging effect for genes’ longevity. Klotho proteins inhibits the insulin IGF-1 signaling thus activating calorie restriction-induced longevity phenomenon.

In-vivo antiaging effcets  and rejuvenation effects measured by multi photon tomography. It prevents ageing-induced reduction of collagen production and protects against the H2O2.

Quince leaf extract for sensitive skin

Quince leaves have interesting anti inflammatories abilities that protect and improve skin comfort against the hyperreactivity and inflammatory reactions of epidermis. 

Quince leaves are rich in polyphenols that help to soothe sensitive skins.

ACRONIM Regulatory affairs

CPR = Cosmetic Product Regulation

RP = Responsable Person

PIF = Product Information File

“Big ideas for SMART beauty companies”

  • German market for green cosmetics
  • Multifaceted evolution of global beauty for saturated cosmetic markets such as the US, Brazil and China
  • Non-invasive aesthetic segment and at-home devices will be latest trends
  • Scent and fragrance will be very important in cosmetic products for personal care
  • China and Brazill could be the beauty markets in specialty actives with potentially more demand than Europe
  • Haircare presents new opportunity such as ethnic haircare emerging across the globe
  • The need of prevention and the growing from the younger generation, Younth market!
  • Building data banks of skin characteristics by countries for more personalized beauty products 

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